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Things to Do at Meadowlark

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Downtown Calistoga Tasting Rooms

Calistoga Region Tasting Rooms,
no reservations required

Calistoga Region Tasting Rooms,
reservations required

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Downtown Calistoga Tasting Rooms
No need to worry about driving far or making appointments.

August Briggs Winery 707-942-4912 www.augustbriggswinery.com
Huge Bear Wines 707-341-3414 www.hugebearwines.com
Knights Bridge Winery 707-341-3391 www.knightsbridgewinery.com
Maldonado Family Vineyards 707-942-1376 www.maldonadovineyards.com
Olabisi Wines 707-942-4472 www.olabisiwines.com
Picayune Cellars and Mercantile 707-888-9885 www.picayunecellars.com
Romeo Vineyards and Cellars 707-942-8239 www.romeovineyards.com
T-Vine Winery 707-942-1543 www.tvinewinery.com
Tank Garage Winery 707-942-8265 www.tankgaragewinery.com
The GRADE Cellars 707-967-8200 www.thegradecellars.com
Vermeil Wines 707-341-3054 www.vermeilwines.com
von Strasser and Lava Vine Winery 707-942-9500 www.vonstrasser.com
W.H. Smith Wines 707-942-1194 www.whsmithwines.com
Calistoga Region Tasting Rooms (reservations not required)
Some of the most famous in the Napa Valley.
Bennett Lane Winery 707-942-6684 www.bennettlane.com
Brian Arden Winery 707-942-4767 www.brianardenwines.com
Canard Vineyard 707-942-1149 www.canardvineyard.com
Castello di Amorosa 707-967-6272 www.castellodiamorosa.com
Chateau Montelena 707-942-5105 www.montelena.com
Clos Pegase Winery 707-942-4981 www.clospegase.com
Davis Estates 707-942-0700 www.davisestates.com
Dutch Henry Winery 707-942-5771 www.dutchhenry.com
Envy Wines 707-942-4670 www.envywines.com
Fairwinds Estate Winery 707-341-5300 www.fairwindsestatewinery.com
Jack Brooks Vineyard 707-942-1237 www.jbvineyard.com
Sterling Vineyards 800-726-6136 www.sterlingvineyards.com
Vineyard {511} 707-942-2156 www.vineyard511.com
Vörös Cellars 707-974-6272 www.voroscellars.com
Calistoga Region Tasting Rooms (reservations for tastings required)
Amici Cellars 707-967-9560 www.amicicellars.com
Barlow Vineyards 707-548-8317 www.barlowvineyards.com
Calistoga Orthodox Wines 707-341-6429 www.calistogaorthodoxwine.com
Coquerel Family Wine Estates 707-942-4534 www.coquerelwines.com
Girard Winery 707-921-2800 www.girardwinery.com
Hans Fahden Winery 707-942-6760 www.hansfahden.com
Helena View Johnston Vineyards 707-815-1999
Heritage School Vineyards 707-942-1513 www.heritageschoolvineyards.com
Jericho Canyon Vineyard 707-942-9665 www.jerichocanyonvineyard.com
Jones Family Vineyards 707-942-0467 www.joneswine.com
Joseph Cellars 707.942.9999 www.josephcellars.com
Knights Bridge Winery 707 341-3391 www.knightsbridgewinery.com
Larkmead Vineyards 707-942-0167 www.larkmead.com
Laura Michael Wines 707-942-9251 www.lauramichaelwines.com
Madrigal Family Winery 707-942-8619 www.madrigalfamilywinery.com
Phifer Pavitt Wine 707-942-4787 www.phiferpavittwine.com
Reverie II Winery 707-942-6800 www.reveriewine.com
Schramsberg Vineyards 707-942-4558 www.schramsberg.com
Sebright Cellars   www.sebrightcellars.com
Stellareese Wine and Collection 707-965-9804 www.stellareesewine.com
Storybook Mountain Vineyards 707-942-5310 www.storybookwines.com
Summers Estate Wines 707-942-5508 www.summerswinery.com
Tamber Bey Vineyards 707-942-2100 www.tamberbey.com
Tedeschi Family Winery 707-501-0668 www.tedeschifamilywinery.com
Tofanelli Wines 707-529-1907 www.tofanelliwine.com
Tom Eddy Winery 707-942-4267 www.tomeddywinery.com
Twomey Cellars 707-942-2489 www.twomey.com
Vincent Arroyo Winery 707-942-6995 www.vincentarroyo.com
Places to Eat in Calistoga
All Seasons Bistro 707-942-9111 www.allseasonsnapavalley.ne
Bella Bakery 707-942-1443 www.bellabakerycalistoga.com
Bosko's Trattoria 707-942-9088 www.boskos.com
Buster's Southern BBQ 707-942-5605 www.busterssouthernbbq.com
Cafe Sarafornia 707-942-0555 www.cafesarafornia.com
Cal Mart 707-942-6271 www.calmartnv.com
Calistoga Creamery: Organic Ice Cream and Yogurt 707-341-3242
Calistoga Inn, Restaurant and Brewery 707-942-4101 www.calistogainn.com
Calistoga Roastery 707-942-5757 www.calistogaroastery.com
Calistoga Thai Kitchen 707-942-1176 www.calistogathai.com
Checkers Restaurant 707-942-9300 www.allmenus.com
Evangeline 707-341-3131 www.evangelinenapa.com
Hydro Bar and Grill 707-942-9777
Johnny's Restaurant and Bar 707-942-5938 www.johnnyscalistoga.com
La Prima Pizza 707-942-8070 www.laprimapizza.com
Lovina 707-942-6500 www.lovinacalistoga.com
Pacifico Restaurante Mexicano 707-942-4400 www.pacificomexicanrestaurant.com
Palisades Deli and Cafe 707-942-0145 www.palisadesdelicafe.com
Sam's Social Club 707-942-4969 www.samssocialclub.com
Solbar 707-226-0850 solage.aubergeresorts.com/dine
Soo Yuan 707-942-9404  
Sushi Mambo 707-942-4699 www.sushimambo.com
Yo el Rey Roasting 707-321-7901 www.yoelreyroasting.com

Calistoga Area Attractions

Anderson Marsh State Historic Park Less than an hour drive from Meadowlark Country House and Resort. Anderson Marsh is a beautiful part on the shore of Clear Lake in Lake County.
Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve You may have heard of Muir Woods, but this stand has some of the tallest redwoods in the Bay Area.
Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park One of the few working grist mills left in the U.S.A. Loving restored and maintained. They still mill flour here.
Bothe State Park Worth the visit in summertime for the spring fed pool. Pay showers available. Park offers camping, picnicking, swimming, and hiking through stands of coastal redwoods with views to die for.
Calistoga Visitor's Center All things Calistoga are listed here,
Calistoga Events Calendar Calistoga loves events. Odds are there's something happening when your visiting Meadowlark Country House and Resort , so check it out.
Old Faithful Geyser of California Besides the Geyser, which is periodic (i.e., Faithful), there's also a geology museum, goat farm, bocce courts, picnic area, gift shop, and gardens.
Petrified Forest These are tallest petrified trees in the world. Whole stands of prehistoric redwoods were wiped out by a massive volcanic eruption of Mt. Konocti in Lake Country and turned to stone. The rock shop is also worth checking out if you're a rockhound.
Robert Lewis Stevenson State Park On top of Mt. St. Helena, which though not a volcano is volcanic in origin. It the remnant of a massive andesite lava flow from Mt. Konocti. At one time Mt. St. Helena was a possible site for the Lick Observatory now on Mt. Hamilton near San Jose. On a clear day you can see Mt. Diablo outside of Walnut Creek in the East Bay.
Safari West Also know as the Serengeti in Sonoma, SafariWest has been going at for the past 25 years. Just about a 20 minute drive from Meadowark, this place has land rover rides where you can get up close and personal with giraffes and other african quadrupeds. SafariWest also has cheetahs, and world renowned for their conservations efforts here and abroad.
Sharpsteen Museum Ben Sharpsteen used to work for Disneyy and made a museum dedicated to Calistoga. Local history abounds.Worth a look-see while you're downtown wine-tasting.

Calistoga Shops and Galleries
(all addresses are in Calistoga, 94515)

Azusa (707) 341-3210 1422 Lincoln Ave
Blackbird of Calistoga (707) 341-3080 1347 Lincoln Ave
Ca'toga Gallery (707) 942-3900 1206 Cedar St
Calistoga Bike Shop (707) 942-9687 1318 Lincoln Ave
Calistoga Country Antiques   1117-A Lincoln Ave
Calistoga Smoke Shop (707) 942-3937 1430 Lincoln Ave
Casa Design (707) 942-2228 1419 Lincoln Ave
Catch Calistoga (707) 963-7700 1365 Lincoln Ave
Chateau Ste Shirts (707) 942-5039 1355 Lincoln Ave
Copperfield's Books   1330 Lincoln Ave
Earth & Sky Chocolate (707) 341-0410 1458 #14 Lincoln Ave
Estate Furnishings & Consignment   1227 Lincoln Ave
Framed! (707) 942-6316 813 Washington St
Funkes (707) 942-6246 1417 Lincoln Ave
Golden Bear Jewelry (707) 341-3240 1406 Lincoln Ave
Hurd Candles   345 Lafata St Ste C
Lee Youngman Galleries (707) 942-0585 1360 Lincoln Ave
Lincoln Street Market   1117-B Lincoln Ave
Mad Mod Shop (707) 942-1059 1410 Lincoln Ave
North Star (707) 758-3898 1443 Lincoln Ave
Rabbit Rabbit Fair Trade (707) 341-3070 1441 Lincoln Ave
Rags To Riches (707) 616-3750 1125 Lincoln Ave
Roam Antiques & Design (707) 942-4508 1124 Lincoln Ave
Rove Boutique (707) 403-5062 1371 Lincoln Ave
Silverado Ace Hardware (707) 942-4396 1450 Lincoln Ave
Silverado Pharmacy (707) 942-5115 1473 Lincoln Ave Ste D
Sofie Contemporary Arts (707) 942-4231 1407 Lincoln Ave
Stix & Stones Gallery (707) 942-6002 1409 Lincoln Ave
Studio Kokomo   1421 Lincoln Ave
Studio On Main (707) 963-9294 1348 Lincoln Ave Ste C
Sugar Train (971) 678-5109 1458 #10 Lincoln Ave
Sugardaddy's Consignment (707) 942-1600 1333 Lincoln Ave Ste A
The Gallery At Indian Springs (707) 307-3099 1458 #3 Lincoln Ave
Vallarta Market   1009 Foothill Blvd
Yäger Galerie (707) 341-3141 1312 Lincoln Ave